Upper Mission

Where is it?

The Upper Mission begins where the Lower Mission ends and moves up into the hills in an effort to capitalize on lake views.

What is there?

Built along a hillside with roads between each row of houses, and large houses on small lots, to provide maximum opportunity for lake views the Upper Mission, from a distance, is not the prettiests area to look at.  However, if you are in the Upper Mission looking out the views are stunning and all the houses are new and modern giving the neighborhood great curb appeal.  There are a few townhomes and condos in the Upper Mission providing a more affordable way to get a view but with little in the way of local shops and a bottle necked road access to town what you are paying for here is chiefly the view and a newer construction home.


This area already had its boom but will always remain a popular choice for people moving to Kelowna from a larger city as the drive time into town for them is inconsequential.  As well, the great curb appeal and well built homes gives the area a very upper class feel.  This area is tremendously underserved by both retail and restaurants making it ideal for a commercial developer. 

Newest Listings in The Upper Mission

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