South East Kelowna

Where is it?

South East Kelowna is the large, almost rural, area to the south of Springfield Rd and to the East of Benvoulin Rd.

What is there?

Due to the lack of municipal sewer systems in South East Kelowna there is a lot of septic which limits density.  The lack of density means many beautiful acreages with horses, orchards, farms, and forest.  It is truly amazing that within a 10 minute drive from Orchard Park Mall you can be out in the countryside.  There are very few retail or restaurant properties in the area with the exception of a few roadside fruit stands and a pub.  Homes here range from multi-million dollar estates to mobile homes.


The city does have plans to bring sewer to South East Kelowna which would allow the subdivision of acreages but it is hard to say when this can be expected to happen.  If you are in for the long hold there is potential value in buying an acreage close to town because when sewer does make it to South East Kelowna it could become the next Wilden or Upper Mission.


Newest Listings in South East Kelowna

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