Where is it?

East from the downtown core, away from the lake and towards the mountains, Rutland is a large area broken up into Rutland North and Rutland South with Hwy 33 acting as the dividing line.

What is there?

A broad range of residential buildings from condos and town homes to duplexes and houses are to be found here - though mostly all of older construction.  Rutland at one point was its own municipality so it has a fairly developed central business district as well as its own schools and recreation centers.  


Currently Rutland is a fairly underrated part of town in part to its name "Rut-Land" and to is reputation as a lower income part of town.  Many of the homes here are older and very few of the neighbourhoods, aside from the main through roads, have sidewalks and curbs which lowers the overall curb-appeal of the area.  While prices have gone up in Rutland they have not risen as dramatically as the rest of Kelowna.  The area is currently undergoing a gentrification with many investors purchasing older homes and renovating them.  With a great location and plenty of near by amenities Rutland, especially South Rutland near Springfield Rd, is set to take off in the coming years as prices push people out of the Lower Mission and Kelowna South, and gentrification begins to gradually improve curb-appeal.  If you want to buy a house cheap, sit and rent it for a few years, then renovate and flip, then Rutland could be the place for you.




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