North Glenmore

Where is it?

The area along Glenmore Rd, to the north of Summit Dr, along the valley bottom is generally considered to be North Glenmore.

What is there?

North Glenmore is a fairly well self contained community while still being only a 10-15 minute drive from downtown Kelowna.  There are plenty of shops for any day to day needs, schools, and ample housing options.  Along the main road there are large condo buildings and many townhouses.  There are also, among the many single family detached homes, an endless supply of gated communities.  In short, whether you are into commercial, single family, or multi-family, there is an investment here for you. 


North Glenmore has mostly run out of space to grow as it runs into mountains or ALR land, depending which direction you go, leaving densification the only option for growth.  I do not believe the city is ready to begin favouring increased density in this area.  This means that whatever property you may be into, in North Glenmore, it will hold its value, and will likely go up in value, as the area will all ways be sought out by families. 

North Glenmore map

Newest Listings in North Glenmore

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