Lower Mission

Where is it?

The Lower Mission starts at KLO Rd and extends south where it eventually turns into the Upper Mission.  As a general rule, and by no means the official boundary, the Lower Mission ends once you start to go up hill.

What is there?

At the Northern end of the Lower Mission, near KLO, there are boutique shops as well as grocery stores and a few other commercial properties.  Along the shore line are a mix of public access beaches, million dollar homes, and resort hotels.  Moving further south the area eventually turns into urban sprawl as it runs into the Upper Mission.  The Lower Mission, off the lake and further inland, is also home to the largest sports and aquatic center in town, a collection of townhomes, gated communities, and condos.    


There is not much to forecast for this area as its time is now and this area is likely to always be popular.  The Lower Mission is the most sought after area by families and developers alike.  The city favours densification in this area as well as, in a few select spots, the building of 10-12 story mixed use buildings.

Newest Listings in The Lower Mission

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