Kelowna South

Where is it?

Generally considered to bordered by Hwy 97 to North, K.L.O. to the South, Gordon to the east, and the lake on the west, Kelowna South has and always will be a desirable area.

What is there

Some of the nicest beaches in Kelowna are located here as well as the rapidly growing shopping district along Pandosy.  Kelowna General Hospital (KGH) can also be found here, one of the largest employers in Kelowna, which makes it an ideal location for investors looking for good tenants.  There are also many schools from elementary to college making the area very desirable for families.  The only desirable quality to be found lacking in Kelowna South is a view as the whole area is in the low lands of the valley.  The housing here is mostly detached single family with a few assisted living homes, condos, and apartments as well as, along the water, some of the most expensive homes in the city.


The OCP for Kelowna aims to prevent further spread of development up into the hills in an effort to maintain the natural look of the valley so this means urban density is a necessity.  The soon to be available RU7 zone will be favored in parts of South Kelowna, especially those with a back lane, which will allow up to 4 residencies on a single parcel in any configuration (ex: A duplex with a carriage house, a fourplex, two houses each with a suite...).  So, keep an eye out for big lots with a tear down house and a back lane because these are going to be even more valuable in the next couple of years.


Newest Listings in Kelowna South

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