Kelowna North/North End

Where is it?

An older area of town with an unfortunate mix of industrial and residential, Kelowna North, or the North End, is the part of town starting at Hwy 97 (Harvey) and going north towards Knox Mountain.  

What is there?

Manhattan point is mostly older homes with some fantastic waterfront properties without the flash of the lower mission and pandosy area.  Poplar point has, what I believe, some of the nicests waterfront properties in Kelowna with well built older homes and a few newer ultramodern monstrosities.  There is a saw mill between Poplar point and Manhattan point which detracts from the value of the neighbouring waterfront homes but that mill will not be there forever.  In land, away from the lake shore, there is a mix of lower income housing as well as industrial parks. 


The North End of Kelowna is being slated by the city as a "Character Neighbourhood DP Area".  This means that the newly planed RU7 zoning will be favored in this area.  RU7 allows up to four residences per lot and encourage the use of existing lane ways to provide parking off the back of the property to make the front streets more pedestrian friendly.  If you can find a nice sized lot with an old house ready to be torn down you could potentially build any combination of buildings allowing up to 4 residences.  The city currently has two approved building plans for RU7 zoning which could greatly expedite the process for a would be developer.

In the next 10-15 years I believe that Kelowna North could be the next Lower Mission/Pandosy. 



Newest Listings in Kelowna North

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