Where is it?

Glenmore, sometimes known as 'Old Glenmore' rests between Glenmore Rd and the base of Knox Mountain.  This area is half in the flats and half on the hills making spectacular views a possible but rare find.

What is there?

Primarily residential with a few schools and shopping centers near by.  Called 'Old Glenmore' because it is much older than the newer North Glenmore area.  During the housing crisis in the 1970's many Government funded bi-level homes were built here giving the whole area a very dated look.


Glenmore is a highly underrated area in Kelowna and I believe that it is ripe for a revitalization.  As the city grows and the downtown urban area becomes increasingly densified Glenmore will become the go to place for centrally located single family detached housing.  The main investment opportunities here are in creative renovations and the addition of suites to already existing homes.


Glenmore Map

Newest Listings in Glenmore

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